Sunday, September 14, 2008

Playing catch up

Ezra and I have been married since June 16th 2007. We live in Washington, Utah where we bought our first home last March. We love our location and our neighbors are great. I stay busy going to school majoring in Dental Hygiene and running my cleaning business. I love being self employed it has been a great change for my life as a student. Ezra is working on his bachelors in Business at Dixie as well. He runs Stone Mountain Castings here in southern utah, which is a company based out of Draper, Utah that does fireplace surrounds. We love our lives here in Southern Utah. My family is in Las Vegas so it is just a short drive to see them and Ezra's family is here in St. George for the most part,but he has one brother that lives in Las Vegas with his wife and 3 boys. We love spending time with our 4 nephews and 5 neices, with another nephew on the way which we are very excited about. We have been busy with projects around the house... Travertine backsplash in the kitchen, painting, decorating, finishing our garage, and tearing out a wall (the wall was a huge project so glad that it is done.) We are busy hitting the books none stop school started 3 weeks ago so we have been missing our summer vacation from school needless to say. Ezra has been playing city league softball with hs brothers and some friends this last week they finished up the season taking 1st place. (A trophy and shirt which he is very proud of.) I am going to post a bunch of pictures seing that it has been so long. I will do better to keep everyone posted on our lives here in St. George. Seeing that I spending hours looking and reading all of your blogs.

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Matt & Nat said...

yeah for you blogging. I am really glad that you are doing this because trying to match our schedules with phone calls is really hard. I love the pics