Sunday, October 4, 2009

Its official we're spending Christmas in HIlo, Hawaii

Ezra and I are so excited to visit his parents in Hawaii over Christmas break. We are leaving December 17th and will return January 6th. Yes, three whole weeks in Hawaii. We can't wait to go back to Hawaii. We spent our honeymoon in Maui and I have been wanting to go back ever since.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wow where has the time gone its been over 3 months since I have posted anything. Summer came and went so fast and school has started up again we are already 4 weeks into the semester. A quick update is all I have time for today hopefully I will get some time and post some pics soon. Ezra and I are both doing great staying busy with work, school, primary, family and friends etc. Those of you that dont know I am the 1st counselor in the primary presidency and have been writing the primary program to find out that it was cancelled and rescheduled for 6 weeks from now but oh well things happen. I have turned in my hygiene application and should hear back the first of the year. So hopefully I get accepted and can start the program next Fall. Ezra is just 2 1/2 years from finishing his masters degree in biology and he cant wait to be done with school and start teaching. The projects around the house are at an all time low because of our crazy lives now that school is back in swing but we have managed to start painting our bedroom so that is nice. Ezra's parents just moved to Hawaii and we are excited to plan a visit soon. It is his parents year for Christmas but well see if we end up going. Airfare is 3X as much in December as the rest of the year so probably spring break or something. We are excited to have a new niece born this week; Jersey Rae and she is beautiful we love her and are so excited to have another one join the family. The Irvin family is growing like crazy the 3 youngest kids havent even started having kids yet. eehh! We love having family close, we know it wont last forever so we are enjoying it to the fullest. I am very excited to have my 1st Norr niece, she should be here anyday soon and I cant wait to meet her. Our lives are crazy but we are loving every minute (or atleast trying to) Ill post pictures soon.

Monday, June 8, 2009

San Diego Beach House Vacation

I just got back from such a fun trip with all my sister inlaws and we had a blast! We drove down to San Diego where we stayed right on Mission Beach in a Beach House. We layed on the beach for hours on end, which was so relaxing. I learned to boogie board in the ocean and even caught a few good waves. We rented bikes and rode down the coast to La Jolla which is about 8 milesof gorgeous coast line. La Jolla is a town along the coast that has the most beautiful homes and cute shops. I could have rode forever the weather was perfect and the view was spectacular. We walked the beach every night and morning, I already miss the sounds of the crashing waves and sand between my toes. We had a blast, I missed Ez but I didnt want to come home. Here are some pics from our trip.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

*Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas*

We left friday and drove down to my mom and Dad's house in Las Vegas to spend the weekend with them. My mom and I beaded watch bands all day friday while Ezra watched Sports Center without me interupting (which he loved). Friday night we barbequed and swam at my parents and hung out till we could barely keep our eyes open. Saturday we got up and went boating at Lake Mead, we had a blast nothing is better than being on the lake! It was kinda winding so we did alot of tubing but I did get to ski a few turns before the water was too crazy. (looking forward to skiing everyday on our trip to northern utah next month!) We stayed sunday and came home monday it was such a blast I love spending time with my family they are the greatest. It is really fun having them close so I can just last minute decide to go see the m and be there in two hours much better than 6 when they lived in Deweyville. Here are some pictures of our weekend fun.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random pictures from the last couple weeks some before california and some after. These are some of my adorable neices and nephews that Ezra and I absolutly love.

More Pics!

California Vacation!

We just got back a couple days ago from our vacation in Cali. We left last friday and were in los Angelos for a week, going to Dodger games(prior the manny disappointment),Disneyland, the beach, phantom of the opera broadway, shopping and more shopping. We had such a great time it was relaxing, fun,tiring, fun and more fun. We went down with my husbands brother and his cute family. I loved sleeping in with no chores to do or a list to complete. We stayed in downtown L.A. in between Dodger stadium and Disneyland, the best part about the hotel was the amazing bedding it was so soft I loved it. We went to my favorite restaurant the Cheesecake Factory and I had my favorite cheesecake from my days in New York,White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake. YUM! It was right on the beach at sunset it was beautiful. We had so much fun it was hard to come home but our car was too full to stay any longer. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring is Crazy at the Irvin House!

Life is so crazy right now school is coming to a close and we have finals in 3 weeks. Ezra is crazy busy and worksnone stop it works out because I live at the library studing. I will give a brief update for all of you that keep asking about what Ive been up to. I expanded my cleaning business and now employ three employees which has been great. Except for the long hours on my end training and checking all of their work. Last week I didnt get home untill midnight except on friday night which I walked in the door at 8pm and was exstatic. My sweet husband always greets me with a smile and waits up for me so that we can catch up about our days before we go to sleep and start a new day. Ezra and I have managed to finish our back yard, which I am so excited about. I will get pictures up when I have a second but it looks great. Other than running around like a crazy we are doing great and look forward to summer. We cant wait to go on the Norr summer trip for ten days in July and spend time with the fam. I never get to see my sisters so this is going to be alot of fun.(yah!) Ezra and I are also going to Waikiki in August so Im counting down the days to get away and have some breaks this summer. Well gotta go! Ill post pictures soon!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hiking Zion's

A couple weeks ago Ezra's favorite mission companion came down to Sr. George to visit and brought his girlfriend to meet us. They got engaged 3 days after coming down to visit we are so excited she is such a cute girl. We went hiking in Zions and had a blast it was perfect weather and we did an awesome hike the views were amazing. Of course Ezra and Sam had to through rocks over the edge about twenty times to see how long it would tak eto hit the ground. (once a boy always a boy!) We also went minature golfing and to the movies while they were here. We were sad to see them go but hopefully we will see them soon. Ezra and I are just staying busy with school and work. We have been doing some fun things to the house and are getting ready to finish the backyard over spring break. I am so excited to look out the window and not see ugly dirt!!!! Not to mention when people come over and park out back it tracks dirt into my house. So need less to say I will be thrilled to have it done. Here are some pics from the last month of events.