Saturday, October 4, 2008

Better late than never, I couple of weeks ago my mom and I went to Time Out for Women in Las Vegas together. We had so much fun I went down friday night we shopped and just hung out. We got up the following morning and went to Time Out for Women, besides all the crazy Vegas drivers we made it safe. It wasa wonderful day filled with inspirational music and speakers. Hillary Weeks was my favorite part by far. I bought her new cd,"If I only had today" and I love it. On our way back to the house my mom took me to her favorite frozen yogurt place, Tutti Bella and it was so yummy I cant wait to go back. I loved spending time with my mom she is an amazing women and my role model. I love her so much anyone that knows her cant help but love her. Needless to say it was just really fun to spend time one on one with my mom.

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Coby and KaeDawn said...

Hey Kim! It looks like you guys are doing really good..i am so jealous you are living in St.George! I miss it down there. How much school do you have left?