Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crazy Black Friday Shoppers
Our morning started at around 3am as My sister in-law;s Julie and Chelsea, My little sister Madison and I bundled up to head to wait in line at Target. We brought our lawn chairs and just camped out for 2 hours waiting for Target to open. We had a list and each one of us had a route. Maddi insisted on running with Chelsea which made me very nervous because of all the crazy people but she had a blast and has already told me that we need to go next year. We went from store to store throughout the morning and come home around 10 am and crashed! Thanks to my sweet husband my Sister in-law got to come with for the first time he slept over at her house so he would be there when the kids woke up. I was exhausted for days after but it is always so much fun!

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Black friday is sooo much fun but a lot of hassle and exhausting!!! haha.. Your Irvin family pictures are way cute and funny with the kids climbing up on your in-laws... :)