Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring is Crazy at the Irvin House!

Life is so crazy right now school is coming to a close and we have finals in 3 weeks. Ezra is crazy busy and worksnone stop it works out because I live at the library studing. I will give a brief update for all of you that keep asking about what Ive been up to. I expanded my cleaning business and now employ three employees which has been great. Except for the long hours on my end training and checking all of their work. Last week I didnt get home untill midnight except on friday night which I walked in the door at 8pm and was exstatic. My sweet husband always greets me with a smile and waits up for me so that we can catch up about our days before we go to sleep and start a new day. Ezra and I have managed to finish our back yard, which I am so excited about. I will get pictures up when I have a second but it looks great. Other than running around like a crazy we are doing great and look forward to summer. We cant wait to go on the Norr summer trip for ten days in July and spend time with the fam. I never get to see my sisters so this is going to be alot of fun.(yah!) Ezra and I are also going to Waikiki in August so Im counting down the days to get away and have some breaks this summer. Well gotta go! Ill post pictures soon!

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Matt & Nat said...

Yeah for the post!! I can't wait til the Norr trip either Matt and I talk about it and the count down almost every week. Oh that will be so fun to go back to Hawaii as long as you don't miss being an aunt but if this child behaves it will wait til you return. Love ya good luck with finals