Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wow where has the time gone its been over 3 months since I have posted anything. Summer came and went so fast and school has started up again we are already 4 weeks into the semester. A quick update is all I have time for today hopefully I will get some time and post some pics soon. Ezra and I are both doing great staying busy with work, school, primary, family and friends etc. Those of you that dont know I am the 1st counselor in the primary presidency and have been writing the primary program to find out that it was cancelled and rescheduled for 6 weeks from now but oh well things happen. I have turned in my hygiene application and should hear back the first of the year. So hopefully I get accepted and can start the program next Fall. Ezra is just 2 1/2 years from finishing his masters degree in biology and he cant wait to be done with school and start teaching. The projects around the house are at an all time low because of our crazy lives now that school is back in swing but we have managed to start painting our bedroom so that is nice. Ezra's parents just moved to Hawaii and we are excited to plan a visit soon. It is his parents year for Christmas but well see if we end up going. Airfare is 3X as much in December as the rest of the year so probably spring break or something. We are excited to have a new niece born this week; Jersey Rae and she is beautiful we love her and are so excited to have another one join the family. The Irvin family is growing like crazy the 3 youngest kids havent even started having kids yet. eehh! We love having family close, we know it wont last forever so we are enjoying it to the fullest. I am very excited to have my 1st Norr niece, she should be here anyday soon and I cant wait to meet her. Our lives are crazy but we are loving every minute (or atleast trying to) Ill post pictures soon.

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Taylor, Marisha, and Bryn said...

Kim...So glad you posted an update. :) It sounds like you are super busy. Good luck with DH, I am sure you will get in. That is great that Ezra can see the end of school in sight. Can't wait for Nat to have a baby and for Bryn to have a girl cousin close to her age.