Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas in Las Vegas

Ezra and I spent the Christmas holiday with The Norr family which included everyone which is a big deal because we havent all been together since Nic and Kyle got married in June. A family reunion was well over due, it was great to take a break from our busy lives and just enjoy family. We hung out a couple days before Christmas, my mom helped me make pj's for my 3 nephews that live in Las Vegas. We met up with Ezra's brother Brandon and his family at the Bellagio to look at the Christmas display and watched the water show out front. It was a bit chilling but not too bad. Christmas day came and was full of surprises, I didn't know a thing that I was getting and my husband did awesome. Ezra didnt get through the day without a few power tools himself.(It must be a man thing, he loves tools!) We had lots of fun and look forward to the next time were all together again. We can't wait Kyle and Nic are moving to Cedar City which is just 35 minutes away so we will see them all the time!

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