Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

This New Year comes with a couple changes to the Irvin family.... Ezra bought Stone Mountain which is who he has worked for the last year doing precast fireplace mantels. We named our new company Precast Concepts and he is explanding with a couple new products that we are very excited about like benches, pillars etc. The change has been in the works the last 3 months and is official as of January 1st. He is extremely excited and very ambitious, He works non stop but I am able to go with him to do meetings and installs so I cant complain. He is also excited because we bought him a new truck yesterday to haul our new trailer for the business so he is feeling very manly! (hehe) This is my favorite mantle, I want it in my next house.


Matt & Nat said...

How exciting for you guys we loved seeing you and spending time together and your right it was very over due. Can't wait to see you again.

RY & MAND WRIGHT said...

Well Hello I found you so that is pretty sweet that he bought the fireplace business good for you EZ hope everything is great

Jaycee & Baylee Carroll said...

Wow i love the fireplace- I guess me and Jaycee will know who to call when we build our house- we'll be doing basketball for a while longer but when we build Ezra you can consider yourself hired- promise! Kim you look so cute with your new style- have fun!